PARTNER WITH US FOR SECURE DATA DESTRUCTION & ASSET INVESTMENT RECOVERY Here is a great opportunity for you to expand your business and align yourself with a company that has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry.

Partner with an Experienced Certified Data Destruction Firm

As an IT Provider, you interact with your clients by providing them with various services that keep them up and running. However, traditionally IT companies do not offer End of Life Data Destruction services. CLR Solutions can become a revenue generating arm for your firm by partnering with you and helping you and your clients safely and securely destroy data and dispose of their old, unused IT devices. Let us take care of old IT inventory for you and your clients.

Build a relationship with CLR Solutions and you can be confident because we:  

  • Protect the interests of our partner companies
  • Make your job easier
  • Never compete with you
  • Can help your business grow

Our data destruction services include, but are not limited to:

  • Offsite destruction and wiping of hard drives
  • Offsite tape shredding
  • Onsite hard drive shredding
  • Onsite hard drive degaussing, wiping, and mutilation
  • Onsite tape shredding

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End of Life Data Security

The potential for a disastrous data breach does not end when the asset has reached end-of-life and is retired. Data security is extremely important on all devices. Sensitive information could be scraped and used in a malicious way which can open any company to extensive liability, especially in finance, health-related and legal professions.

CLR Solutions works with its partner companies to ensure that their IT assets are safely and securely disposed of. Every desktop, server, laptop, hard drive, or other device obtained by CLR Solutions is immediately processed and recycled to maintain total data security. Any company needing secure disposition of IT assets can be sure that CLR Solutions will handle the task professionally and efficiently.

Data security options range from Department of Defense and NIST certified sanitation, to drive/media punching and shredding.  CLR Solutions is a member of NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) and we follow a specific and strict set of guidelines and ethical code for handling data.

We are fully compliant with all the regulations required to perform these services and meet all of the necessary guidelines and regulatory standards. In addition, we offer fully guaranteed and certified data destruction and can provide every client with a certificate of destruction.

If you want to expand your services for your clients but cannot provide it in-house, we offer secure data disposition and destruction as a value-added service on a sub-contracting basis. Call us at 877-257-7658 or Contact Us to find out more about our end of life data security options.

IT Asset/Investment Recovery

Surplus and unused IT assets are a significant source of hidden cost for most organizations, and idle assets may open a company up to hacking and data theft. CLR Solutions can help reduce the hidden costs and risks of idle and unused assets – safely and securely!

If you collect old and/or unused IT equipment from your clients’ premises and would like to recover some additional value for it, perhaps we can help you.

CLR Solutions provides Asset/Investment Recovery services by taking unused assets, refurbishing them, and then selling them and sharing the profits with you. Since we can be audited without advance notice, CLR Solutions maintains the certification standards of NAID. Other companies may say they securely recover your investment, but with CLR Solutions you can be assured that we do.

Call us today at 877-257-7658 to see why CLR Solutions is the best Asset/Investment Recovery partner you can choose!

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Secure Data Destruction

Data security is offered immediately by CLR Solutions with every desktop, server, laptop or other computer device we recycle. Data security options range from Department of Defense and NIST certified sanitization to drive/media punching and shredding. We are an NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) member company. CLR Solutions follows a strict set of guidelines and ethical code for handling data.

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