IT Equipment and Computer Recycling

At CLR Solutions we have the capabilities and resources to handle all types IT equipment and computer recycling.  We provide the most secure IT asset recycling services available in the industry to our valued clients and offer these services to partners and vendors who need an additional resource to provide to their clients.

CLR Solutions has the knowledge, expertise, resources, and skilled employees to meet your recycling needs, and with our large network of partners and facilities we are fully capable of securely serving all industries.

In most cases, our technicians will be able to pick up larger loads of IT equipment at the client’s location and in addition, for your convenience, there is a drop-off location for single/small items. We accept any number of items for recycling and do not have a minimum or maximum.

IT Equipment Recycling

We can travel anywhere in Northern New Jersey and many parts of the tristate area to pick up bulk amounts of IT equipment and depending on the size of the load, we will supply enclosed trailers or large box trucks to remove the items. All of the IT assets that we handle are recycled and processed at our in-house processing center in Northern New Jersey.

CLR Solutions uses a complex and proprietary process for recycling computers and other IT assets and have refined this process over time so that it is environmentally friendly. We treat and process used assets in order to make the materials more suitable for reuse in the future. Our goal is to turn every scrap computer or electronic asset that we obtain into a reusable stream of components or commodities. Our recycling techniques match up with our R2 certified partners and no recycling services are ever performed offshore.

Contact us today to set up an appointment for one of our representatives to come pick up your unwanted IT equipment. Contact CLR Solutions or call us at 877-257-7658 for a free consultation and free quote on computer and electronics recycling.

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