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IT Asset Relocation

Relocation and transportation of IT assets is one of the more difficult processes of a business move. Whether you are moving your IT assets due to a company relocation or an equipment redeployment, CLR Solutions has the experience and expertise to be your best choice to assist you with the move.

Whenever IT and electronic assets are moved, there is a prime opportunity for data loss or a breach as well as the possibility of damage. Equipment may change hands several times throughout a relocation. This can cause many opportunities for loss of equipment, a reduction in security level, and loss of integrity of the data stored on the equipment being moved. CLR Solutions tried and true methods of how to minimize the possibility of a breach.


IT Asset Relocation- Moving Computer Equipment

Check out some case studies of successful IT relocations we have performed for clients.

CLR Solutions provides professional transportation and relocation services for our clients and vendors by moving equipment from one location to another. Minimizing downtime, properly handling the equipment, and making sure the data is secure throughout the move are crucial. If asset relocation is not performed correctly businesses could experience days, even weeks of downtime.

Our expertise and proven processes will help you minimize downtime before and after the relocation of the equipment. If the equipment being relocated is a result of a decision to redeploy assets to other groups in your organization, we can help ensure that access authority levels and confidentiality of data is maintained.

Contact CLR Solutions or call us at 877-257-7658 for a full consultation and quote to help perform an efficient IT Asset Relocation.

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