Technician Working on a Server

Equipment Deinstallation

When you are ready to replace old equipment, move to a new location, or are decommissioning an entire location or network operations center, CLR Solutions offers equipment deinstallation to fulfill your needs. For computers, servers, and other electronic assets, we understand what it takes to deinstall equipment in a secure and efficient manner. Our trained team of technicians will address any and all of your deinstallation or decommissioning needs, answer all of your questions and complete the job competently and economically.

Our goal is to have your systems back to their original state after deinstallation while always maintaining the integrity and security of your data. CLR Solutions has the expertise to secure your data and ensure that everything is transported properly and without damage.

If your company needs the resources to securely and efficiently address equipment deinstallation, call CLR Solutions at 877-257-7658 to speak to a representative or send us a message and we will be in touch. Contact CLR Solutions.

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