CLR Solutions is Your Resource for Secure Data Management and IT Asset Disposition

CLR Solutions provides today’s businesses with a safe and responsible approach to managing and retiring their IT assets and secure disposal of their proprietary data.

CLR Solutions has become a trusted, strategic partner for many small, medium, and large businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and IT Managed Services vendors.

The disposition of IT Assets (ITAD) is not a subject to be taken lightly in today’s data-rich environment.  More than 700 million records were lost or stolen in data breaches in the US last year.

We offer customized solutions to prevent internal and external data breaches at every stage in the lifecycle of your IT equipment. Our experienced staff will protect, preserve, and manage your data, ensure your data is secure, available, and accessible while mitigating risk and reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for all of your IT assets.



Equipment and Data Security

Recycled Computers

Office, server, and data center moves are prime opportunities for a data breach. CLR team members are specialists in IT equipment and data security. We can safely and efficiently secure your IT assets and data during office or server moves as well as data center relocation and decommissioning.

IT Asset Investment Recovery

Technician Refurbishing Computer

CLR Solutions addresses the complete life-cycle of an organization’s software and hardware assets. We provide services based on the industry’s best practices to maintain data security and provide you with the maximum return on investment during installation, redeployment, or disposition of your IT assets.

Secure IT Asset    Disposition

Girl Using Laptop

When it’s time to retire your IT equipment, turn to CLR! We provide secure, responsible Electronic Equipment Disposition services, and can handle the transfers of licenses and maintenance contracts. Our industry-leading practices provide the best options for safe disposal, and minimize TCO for your IT assets.

Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated to serving businesses of all sizes that need to ensure the security of their data (or their clients’ data). When it comes to data security, your peace of mind is our goal!

CLR Solutions has been providing IT Equipment and Data Security services for nearly 10 years. We have become a trusted, strategic partner for many small, medium, and large businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and IT Managed Services vendors.

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We Offer a Complete Solution

With CLR Solutions, you gain a partner in data management and security that puts your needs first. Our flexible, “grow as you go” approach allows your organization to start with the data security services that fit your immediate needs, and grow with us as you grow.  We offer a full range of IT Asset and Data Security services, including inventorying of equipment and licenses, securing the data and equipment during moves or redployment, decommissioning of assets or locations, and secure disposition of electronic equipment. We customize our services to fit your needs, giving you flexibility and maximum benefit for your company.

The Confidence You Want, The Experience You Need

Executives responsible for IT want – and need – an experienced and qualified partner to handle IT Asset and Data Security management for their company.

Our team of specialized, highly trained technicians has a broad range of skills and the depth of experience you can trust your data to.

Dell Servers

Secure Data Destruction

Data security is offered immediately by CLR Solutions with every desktop, server, laptop or other computer device we recycle. Data security options range from Department of Defense and NIST certified sanitization to drive/media punching and shredding. We are an NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) member company. CLR Solutions follows a strict set of guidelines and ethical code for handling data.

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